helmut lang



09.07.19 - 09.20.19

tennis elbow at

the journal gallery

new york, usa


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The Journal Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition with artist Helmut Lang. The body of work to be exhibited, wall mounted sculpture, is from Lang’s 'network’ series. Six of these new works, comprised of cotton, wax, resin and tar on canvas, will be on view.


Networks are rhizomatic structures such as social, neurological, artificial neural, cybernetic, urban, biological, ecological, evolutionary, psychological and circulatory systems. Networks register forms of differentiation and erasure, movement and rest, archiving processes of transformation. The network series deploys the mesh of cotton canvas as the site of network building. It is within this grid system that heterogeneous materials are free to establish their own system of interdependence. Embedded within the surface of each canvas is a record of direction, flow, intensity and interaction of fluid materials.


Born in Vienna in 1956, Helmut Lang lives and works in New York City and on Long Island. In 2004, Lang walked away from a groundbreaking career in fashion for good to continue and pursue his original calling as an artist. Hailed for the rigorous and direct ethos of his forms and choice of materials, Lang has been met with similar acclaim for his two and three-dimensional artworks which subtly allude to notions of the figure using various media in sculpture, installation and video. Lang predominantly utilizes found and readily available materials in his work.


Lang’s previous solo exhibitions include those at Sperone Westwater, New York; Sammlung Friedrichshof, Vienna; Stadtraum, Vienna; Kestnergesellschaft, Hanover; Deste Foundation, Athens; Dallas Contemporary, Dallas; The Journal Gallery, Brooklyn.