helmut lang


alles gleich schwer

08.31.08 - 11.02.08


hanover, germany


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ALLES GLEICH SCHWER is not a statement or a final answer or question. It is about the consideration and the reflection to evaluate which weight or importance or meaning one as a single person wants to contribute in a changing world to personal, social, emotional, global and ecological or any other issues and arrangements which surrounds one or concerns one. The attribution of importance can be explored in a vertical or horizontal direction.





To present ALLES GLEICH SCHWER in a digital environment, ABSOLUT and Helmut Lang are working as a creative partnership to develop a uniquely innovative interactive platform, in which the art can live beyond physical space and outside the restraints of location. Here, users will be able to get under the skin of the art – move it, rotate it, almost virtually cradle it. Moreover, in a ground- breaking exploration of the Internet as a creative medium, visitors to ABSOLUT.COM/HELMUTLANG will be able to exclusively download and print limited edition high-res exhibition posters, with no requirements needed other than an Internet connection.


This desire to work with the web’s inherently self-regulating methodology is key to Lang’s vision, as he states, 'I’m interested in the virtual platform because of its relatively democratic nature and specifically to be independent from time or geographic boundaries.' Here, users have 'equal access to the same information' and are afforded 'the unique experience of viewing art in an isolated manner, which also has its interesting side.'